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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Black votes don't matter

Two weeks without a post. Sorry y'all

I hope this ratings circus known as the Clinton/Obama battle is over. The results from last night make it clear that he is the people's choice. A couple of thoughts from last night:

-What Hilary is proposing is simply not democratic. In a democracy if you win by one vote you win. The electability argument is fundamentally democratic. It is aristocratic at its core. "I have decided who is the best candidate despite the popular vote and the delegate count."

-The not so subtle subtext here is that Black votes don't count. All night you keep hearing about the ethnic white voter. The argument assumes that this voter is a key to victory. While this may be true it ignores Obama's absolute dominance among Blacks. What the numbers say is that if you carry Blacks with a 92% margin you can win. Ethnic whites (read racist throwbacks who don't want to vote for a Black man) are a smaller group than evidently people thought. At some point they should all realize Black votes matter. You can win with them. If Barack lose 40 points from his 92 percent he still dominates the most loyal base in the Democratic party.

-The sickness of racism which is written into our Constitution is melting away. Thanks to the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement the number of white people with a problem with a Black person in charge for only that reason is getting smaller and smaller. That is a hard pill to swallow for you old demons. I am sorry but get used to it.

-Obama will address his weakness with ethnic votes with his choice at VP. Or he will say 'screw white people' and go with Big Bill Richardson. Just Brown up this country real quick



Anonymous ricky said...

good article, but dont get to wrapped up in the election it is completely rigged. research the illumanati. Then you will know your vote doesnt count at all. the illumanati will put who they want in the whitehous it has already been decided . on another note if you are into hip hop music then get your free mixtape downloads
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May 20, 2008 5:10 AM


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