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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine is right

The truth is Geraldine Ferraro is right.
It is empirical fact despite the racist undertones you may or may not hear in her statement.
Obama has unified the Black vote in ways that no one ever has. Not Bubba or The Revs (Al and Jesse).

Her statement is acknowledging the elephant in the room. As Clarence Page said last night on Chris Mathews. If Obama were white he would be John Edwards. The fact is that he is what he is. The first Black politician with a chance to win. And Black people are falling in line with what he represents to the tune of 91% in Mississippi.

Geraldine Ferraro’s comment about Obama is like saying the reason why Shaq has four rings is because he is 7’2”. Or the reason why Johan Santana got so much money from the Mets is because he is left handed. These are cold facts about these people that are fundamental aspects of them as a physical human being. Aspects that are using to their advantage. You can’t choose how tall you will be, what race, or what hand you throw a baseball with.

Honestly, the sooner Hilary realizes what Geraldine said the better for her. Obama has locked up the Democratic base and you can’t win without the base. Each time you belittle Obama you piss of more Black voters and push them towards McCain if their candidate were to lose.
It is you, who should be campaigning for VP not the front runner.

What is really pissing people off are the implications of Ferraro’s comment. That the ONLY reason he is winning is because he is Black. Not only is it not true but it is insulting to any Black person, woman, or minority who has been accused of being a quota by an unqualified white applicant. Maybe that is why he is the front runner, maybe that’s why he won the Senate seat, maybe the same for the State Senate. But you know what; there is no quota system at the Harvard Law Review. At the minimum you have to admit that. The dude is smart. A great communicator with great ideas.
Actually the difference on the issues between Obama and Hilary are not nearly as wide as McCain. McCain talks of a hundred year war, never mentions health care, and has no focus on the economy. It is too caught up with war mongering to have a real agenda.

You better start respecting Obama and his constituents or else you are going to destroy the Democratic Party and let the Republicans walk right in.

But that being said the real issue is that the Hilary camp is pissed. Pissed that Barack has positioned himself as the hero of the Black community. The sum total of 400 years of struggle. While Hilary does not resonate nearly the same with women.
Black women have chosen to be Black first. Liberal white women vote for Barack. He gets a healthy portion of what should be your rabid soldiers while you lose more Black people with each primary.

This battle between women and Blacks is her best bet. But it will be Phyric victory, if it is indeed a victory.

Last point, women, Latinos, gays and lesbians, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, replace your group for Black in Ferraro’s comments and tell me how you would feel.

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