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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sucker Ducks

Sitting here watching the returns on Super Tuesday Part 2.

First of all, if I ever see Joe Scarborough on the street I may just snuff him like Nate Robinson vs. Carmelo Anthony.

His complete disregard for the role of journalists is shameful. All day he has been pushing Hilary while disparaging Obama with the stated goal that Republicans would rather run against Hilary. And he, a hard core and somewhat disgraced, former Florida Congressmen is to little surprise supporting the candidate who is polling weaker against Old Man Winter.

Second I read the following quotes in the Brooklyn Paper from the Congressmen from where I work and live in Brooklyn:

Congressman Ed Towns has explained that he has no intention of straying from his support of Mrs. Clinton. “The district might have gone for Obama,” Mr. Towns said. “But the state went for Hillary. And no matter what, she is the senator from our state.”

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, in a statement, said she “is a committed superdelegate to Hillary Clinton.” She added that her role as a superdelegate is not simply to follow the lead of her constituents.

“Superdelegates have the unique responsibility to balance the needs of their district, state, party and country,” she said.

I want to point out to these elected officials that your job is to represent the people, not go off the reservation and do your own thing.

From wikipedia - The bicameral Congress came from the desire of the Founders to create a House "of the people" that would represent public opinion.

Hilary won Brooklyn by the slim margin of 52 to 48. Your districts are the ONLY two that Obama won outright. 57 and 56 percent respectively. Your job IS to represent the people.

Go off on your own at your own risk. Ed Towns, my congressman and Yvette Clark the representative of DUMBO, I tell you this if you go against the people in this matter with this blatant disregard, do so at your own peril. For what it’s worth you won’t get my vote.

When push comes to shove this is the cat I will ride with: “State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is among the Brooklyn legislators demanding that super delegates vote with their districts or with the majority of pledged delegates.”The public should decide who becomes the Democratic nominee and not backroom party insiders," he says.

It is a new day. Wake up.

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