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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drug dealing MC's

Sitting in jury duty which is not as bad as people think.

Wi Fi access. MSNBC. A court clerk that sounds like Prop Joe from The Wire. And we get an hour long lunch break which is longer than I take at my own damn office.

Anyhoo, it is a good timeto catch up with the old iPod.
Was listening to the Busta/Dilla album and the joint 'Taking What's Mine.' Can someone explain to me when Busta did all this drug dealing? Listening to the track there seems to have been a long period of time where he was up and down I-95 cooking coke, taking over cribs like Nino Brown and all that foolishness. Was that between 'Case Of The PTA' and 'Woo-Hah'?

Begs the question of what exactly is this link between selling coke and rhyming. There are so many drug dealers who decide to rhyme (Jay, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Freway, and on and on) and so many MC's (like Busta Rhyme) who seem to have had to sell drugs to make ends meet like an actor has to bus tables at the Coffee Shop in Union Square. What is the sociological connection here, folks?

You can schedule studio sessions around re-ups?

For those 24 hour sessions it is good to have your energineer bouncing off the walls high on the devil's dandruff? So why not sell it to him?

Most of America claims to hate it but secretly is completely addicted to both?

The uniform for both jobs are the same so I don't have to change wardrobes when I switch careers?

Or is it both rerpresent the folk hero in our society?

who knows?

-Swift Rock Ski


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