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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So what's next on the agenda Hil?

From Swifty to Hilary

• Congrats on your wins. It was well deserved. You brought yourself back from the brink again. What’s the plan now?
• How will the mathematics leave you with more pledged delegates at the end of the season?
• Are you prepared to take this to the superdelegates and co-sign it if they vote against the popular or pledge delegate count?
• You went negative to win this; I assume you will continue to do so. If you win what is your plan to keep the African American voters that Barack has energized engaged?
• You brought up experience and even stated that John McCain has more than Barack. If you win how will you win that argument with Old Man Winter?
• A breakdown of Ohio shows that you won in Republican turf while Barack won in Democratic turf. Do you think you will when that in the general? And again how will keep the Black voters on your side in the general?
• Do you really think Barack will lose NY, NJ, CA, and other Dem strongholds in the general as you have been claiming?
• Many Black voters including this writer has said that if you win going negative against Barack we will not support you. Either vote Nader, stay home, or even vote McCain because of pure sour grapes. If that plays out how will you win the general? Especially since Blacks vote Dem 9 to 1 over Republicans. And Barack is polling 80-90% of Black voters.
• Some argue that without that base the Democratic are very vulnerable. How will you survive what very well may be a Phyric victory?
• What new voters are you attracting?
• What Barack supporters are you poaching?
• What is the acceptable level of collateral damage you are comfortable with this along this journey?

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