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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Empire gets its ass kicked

Frack Roger Clemens I want to talk about The NFL Commish Roger Goodall.
While Roger was lying his a** off in front of the House Committee The Commish was across the way cooking up stories for Sen. Arlen Specter of PA.
As you may or may not now Specter was very curious about the Pats Spygate scandal.

Now some claimed Specter was still salty about the Pats beating his beloved Eagles a few years back. After listening to Specter’s press conference yesterday I have no doubt that that is the case. But what is also apparent is that Specter is also very sensitive about the NFL’s anti-trust exemption and their contrary behavior.

The Sports Broadcasting Act was passed in response to a court decision which ruled that the NFL's method of negotiating television broadcasting rights violated antitrust laws. The court ruled that the "pooling" of rights by all the teams to conclude an exclusive contract between the league and CBS was illegal.
The Act overrules that decision, and permits certain joint broadcasting agreements among the major professional sports. It permits the sale of a television "package" to the network or networks, a procedure which is common today.
The law has been interpreted to include the so-called "blackout rules" which protect a home team from competing games broadcast into its home territory on a day when it is playing a game at home.

This may seem like a trivial Act but virtually no other US business gets this kind of pass. Specter seems to be a football fan but no fan of the NFL. He has long been trying to repeal this Act and it seems that Spygate has given him the reason to stir it up like Bob Marley. I am with Specter on this as I think Goodall shares some of David Stern’s latent pathology toward young, Black, millionaires. The NBA and the NFL are more than happy to build their brands on the backs of young black men, one of the most targeted groups in the USA. However, when those men don’t fall in line Stern and Goodall are more than happy to lay the smack down. The fact that Goodall snatched Pacman Jones paycheck for a year and counting while destroying evidence of Darth Belichick makes me uneasy.

According to Specter the Pats were caught spying on Sunday, punished on Thursday, evidence arrived on Friday and then was destroyed the following Wednesday (my days might be wrong but the chronology is essentially right). I don’t see how that can not be shady.
How is the punishment fair when you don’t have any evidence? And why on God’s green earth would you destroy the evidence?
Goodall is up to something. My theory is that this is the NFL’s version of the MLB’s steroid scandal. Taping of singles was illegal yet still ran rampant throughout the League. Goodall would rather sweep this under the rug than admit to a wide spread violation.

Pats, whether you like it or not that asterisk is coming. For you and Roger.

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