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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

President Obama

I understand why my man Chris Matthews and the gang at MSNBC want to temper their praise for President Obama.

I mean Chris admitted that Barack gave him a woody last night

I have been saying it for a while that:
-Obama has the momentum
-He has the dollars
-He has the Democratic base - Black folk. 80% and rising
-Hilary is a mess
-Bill blew it for her

Now Obama has the popular vote, the delgate count, the media in his pocket, the Democratic machine behind him and Oprah

McCain vs Obama is a joke. Well not a joke but did you hear McCain's speech? That dude will be smoked in a YouTube generation election.
He can't even unite his own party.
His situation will play out like Mark Green in the Bloomberg I election. For those outside of New York look it up.

Obama will pick a white male VP with foreign policy and/or finance experience, McCain will pick some backwards ass conservative and the rout will be on.

President Obama - beleive it!

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