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Friday, February 01, 2008

Like Terminator X I speak with my hands

peace to Matt Doo (RIP) and Geology

Just put together a playlist “For Office Listening”
And I after watching ‘Transformers’ the other night I have decided to talk through other people’s lyrics like Bumblebee. Below are some lyrics from my funky fresh playlist to explain your boy Swifty

“I'm trying to rule the world while you talk about your silly glasses”
Da Bush Babbees, “The Ruler”

“I thought I was hard in high school fighting. Now I'm the hardest working man in show business. Handle your business and shut the fuck up”
Common, “1,2 Many”

“Brother why don’t you explain
How did hip hop got caught up in this ill rap game

Yo, I got a question
In Hip-Hop Who they following
The niggas with skills
Or them niggas who be hollering

Them niggas that be hollering
is substitute modeling
Niggas with skills
Always and forever keeps a following

Swallowing pride
Never we be imperialistic
Who rips shit
Without being materialistic
Statistics show

Ask sis she know

Just cause the niggas got doe
Don’t mean they got that flow”
Organized Konfusion, “Questions”

“Keep my workers under pressure. Got 'em saying Fuck Lester but that's aight Kico”
The Beatnuts, ‘Off The Books’

‘Never had a basement, never had an attic. Only an apartment where I forever had static’
“I am about to set it on society. Watch me while I do it”
The Large Professor, “Mad Scientist”

“I keep it ghetto with the plastic cups”
Dilla, ‘Ruff Draft’

“I'd rather be born, shine as the true and livin'
Spawned to live this gift to the fullest, shit is on
Still rethinkin' my position until I'm gone
Mission is to elevate mind
Glisten, destined forever, weather the storm”
Prince Po (one of the greatest MC’s who doesn’t get his) “Invetro”

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