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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Post Super Tues Randomness

Real quick as we have a busy day and I was up until 1:30 last night watching the Super Tuesday returns. I will take the easy way out today and hit y’all with some bullet points of random yet connected thoughts

• Barack has momentum
• Hilary does not
• Momentum is defined as “when an object or body is moving, it possesses a quality called momentum, which means the object tends to keep moving”
• Ever played football or ran track? Barack is “walking Hilary down” His victory is a function of time. Hilary’s lead is evaporating with every day. She is not growing or raising money at Barack’s pace. You DO NOT have momentum when your lead in Georgia goes from 13 points to a loss in two weeks.
• Barack is gonna win this thing. He is the only one gaining steam
• The Republicans are a mess. Poor Romney, he is just getting hated on. Huckabee is scary and McCain is the last Republican the establishment wanted
• They are gonna tear each other apart while my guy continues to gain steam
• Saw the Giants parade. The funniest thing was that the Giants are not really a NY team. Not like the Knicks, Mets, Yankees, or Rangers. Why? BEACUASE THEY PLAY IN NEW JERSEY. So having all these NY politicians shake their hands just looked silly. Sheldon Silver!?!?!?
• I doubt half of those dudes like Eli had been to the City in a year

Be good

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Anonymous Stephanie Elder said...

Totally agree with you re: Obama. I saw him speak @ The Meadowlands on Monday, and the cross section of folks riding for him is truly incredible. He's an inspiring dude on a lot of levels, and I feel like he's just beginning to ride the wave. Also, he spanked Hillary in Illinois, compared to her results over him in NY. Anybody that's been paying attention knows that all she knows is backroom deals, negativity and dirty tricks. Her true nature will continue to crop up, and like Guiliani, be an issue for her.

February 06, 2008 1:39 PM

Blogger Wes said...

you went on Monday? good shit!

I gotta catch him live

February 06, 2008 1:58 PM

Blogger Don said...

I agree, Obama is definitely walking Hillary down.

And I never realized how the Giants play their games in the meadowlands. lol.

Do you think the Republicans are about to put some ish in the game, and vote for the democratic candidate they feel McCain can beat?

February 07, 2008 10:47 PM


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