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Friday, February 22, 2008

All City --- true

When you have 2 kids you don't get out as much. Time, energy, blah, blah.

To compensate you find ways to insert a little fun, a little glimpse of the old days in your life. I did that yesterday as I purposefully scheduled a lunch meeting in Union Square.

It was centrally located for all but to be honest I wanted to get out of Brooklyn for a minute. I love The Planet but sometimes it feels like my life revolves around 2or 3 square miles from Clinton Hill to Dumbo.

Anyway while riding on the 4 train I realized something I had forgot. I'm all city!

I love Brooklyn but growing up I was never all about my neighborhood. It was about being all city.

Getting a cut on 124th. Trooping to the 8th street on Saturday. Parkchester for a flick. Upper West Side for The Shark Bar.

Central Park to blow trees. Dekalb for Spike's Joint. Queens for Mets games and fly Catholic school honeys named Ebonie.

So party people don’t get locked into your neighborhood no matter how fly it is

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