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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wild Like Larry Davis

The most important news of the day outside of Old Man Winter canoodling with a lobbyist was the death of Larry Davis. For those who only know of Larry Davis via Kid Hood or Jeru the Damaja you should look it up. I was only 13 when the Larry Davis manhunt was on but it was the closest thing to a Robin Hood type folk hero that I know of in my life timeline. Well that’s not true. Living in the Bronx Alpo was certainly the crack era version of Nicky Barnes (shout out to Killa).

Although the reality was that Larry Davis was a low level thug enforcer he represented the collective middle finger to the corrupt NYPD. There were stories that he was bouncing from apartment to apartment in the projects protected by the people. It was sort of funny to see how frustrated the cops were getting trying to catch him.

The picture of him coming out of the project in the fresh black leather bomber is an iconic image of the 80’s.

Larry found Islam in jail and changed his name to Adam Abdul-Hakeem. But despite his newfound path to righteousness couldn’t avoid an Oz-esque ending. Sorry to see you go out like that Larry but know that when things get hectic we are apt to go “wild Like Larry Davis.” Say what up to Kid Hood when you see him.

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Anonymous Mike Belgrove said...

Larry Davis is seen a a modern day American Gangster. Right up there with Frank Lucus. Personally though I think it's kinda amazing that this guy had this shoot out with police and managed to escape. However we have to be careful not to idolize such characters. We've been talking about Larry Davis' death over at Highbrid Nation and in the end I think the world will be polarized as to whether the world lost an icon or just another criminal.

February 22, 2008 10:53 AM

Blogger Wes said...

you should peep D-Nice's blog about his run in with LD back in the day

at the end of the day he was just a thug I think. But a neighbourhood thug gets more love than the NYPD

February 22, 2008 2:00 PM


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