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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pieces of Hip-Hop culture with dubious or interesting origins

-sneakers with no shoe laces. From prison where fresh kicks were allowed but no shoestrings. Thank you Jam Master Jay and mama Franklin for pointing that out

-baggy jeans. All the better to hide stuff in. Particularly firearms. 'shotgun down my pants, leg limping' as sayeth the great P from the Mobb

-Timbs. Preferred footwear for stoming suckas since '86. This assertion has not been confirmed. I do know the bullies from the other side of the Bruckner subscribed to this theory however

-baldies. Thanks again penal system. The baldie is the easiest haircut to give by non barbers on a regular basis. Must also thank Michael Jordan and reeding hair lines

-doo rags. Good for waves and hiding oxes. Unconfirmed but makes sense.

-bandanas. 'i am a nightmare walking, psycopath walking...Colors' now it has morphed into scarves. Even silk Louis ones. this is also a graph thing. Ghetto gas masks

-wallets with chains. Not exclusive to hip-hop but this was to stop wallet snatchers on the train back in the day.

-four finger rings. They look good on Kane and were also a useful brass knucle replacement once the knuckles were banned


Blogger Terry said...

Your blog is ill.
I read it alot.
More new posts please!
I've been liking patriceoneal.com alot lately and think you will too.
Anways, keep up the goodness.

November 04, 2007 1:25 AM


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