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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

and why was this guy doing the Tribe Tribute

...I dont own any Tribe Called Quest CD's...Never did...never wil...so I dont know this throwback 94' sound that you speak of...and for that matter how to emulate it...but why is that a prerequisite of being "down"? hahaha....if you dont like it...dont buy it...dont buy concert tickets...dont read my blogs...or my interviews...or visit my websites...let me be...

-Lupe Fiasco, The Swift Chancellor Report, 10/12/06

I could've had this Kanye record or this Pharrell record. I was trying to get one of those spacey way-out Pharrell records, and he wouldn't make it for me. He always gave me Tribe Called Quest because that's what he thinks I like. I don't know one Tribe Called Quest song by heart. I don't own one album. I don't own any De La Soul like that

-Lupe Fiasco, THe Village Voice, 10/4/06

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