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Friday, September 14, 2007

I want Belichick's whole paycheck

this whole piece will be on The Bodega next week

This piece is for all my sports fans. All you had to do was catch a moment of SportsCenter this week to hear about the Patriots spying scandal. Well the punishment was finally handed down and it is not only laughable but insulting. For me it goes further than football, it speaks to the sickness that infects this country. I am talking about racism.

Not cross burning, Confederate racism. Or even the psychopathic racist who tortured that woman in West Virginia. This is deep seeded, unconscious Dr. Frances Cress Welsing racism. For those who are not familiar with Dr Welsing’s book, The Isis Papers, here is the armchair synopsis. The global system of racism is based upon the genetic fear of people of color. The fear that the ‘mixing of the races’ will dilute the white race. And essentially all people will eventually be ‘colored’ on some level. That fear is manifested in a persecution of black males as they literally carry inside them the material (semen) that will cause this ‘browning’ of the world. This is why so many lynchings featured castrations. It is the basis of the game of pool (remember the scene in Boomerang). The purpose of Jim Crow laws. And on and on. Admittedly she stretches the argument but I always understood and agreed with the underlying theme. In America there has always been something about powerful Black men that triggers a bizarre response. And that response is usually to repress and silence those men. Violently or passively.

Dr. Welsing further argues that this psychosis is so deep it is now subconscious. It occurs and everywhere around us and is considered a normal modus operandi. Case in point Barry Bonds. Many people, me included, believe that if Barry bonds were white (Mark McGuire) there would be less hub-bub about his steroid investigation. Barry is not only big and Black, but unapologetic to the point of being arrogant. And America just doesn’t seem to like those types.

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