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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cold Rocking in Uzbhekistan

I had the pleasure of sotting on a panel this past weekend for the The Rhythm Road - American Music Abroad Panel at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The program sends Hip-Hop groups to places around the world that are not exposed to American culture. This is the second year Hip-Hop has been featured. I was one of three judges who picked 4 groups who are going tp travel to Siberia, Mongolia, Uzbhekastan and some other places that will blow your mind.

It was a great two days where we saw some talented cats. Even the ones I didn't like I had to give props for ingenuity and creative fearlessness. At least two of them I want to get for the Festival..

When we were deliberating on Sunday it really hit me. I am partly responsible for what many people around the world will become to know as Hip-Hop. Heavy, heavy, heavy. With a responsibility like that you have to be fair, balanced, and open minded.

One of the judges said early on Hip- Hop is lost so we have to work here and now to save it. Some disagree that it's lost. Many disagree on how to save it but we did our best.

Makes me say again be careful what you say or do in this game. Do not underestimate the power of your words oe actions. They do matter.

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