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Friday, March 23, 2007

At Some Point you just have to chill fellas...

So when did three Six Mafia move from quasi-disturbing morose Southern rapper to the new Meth and Red.
After the Oscar, you say?
Oh, I must have missed that memo.
They appear to have leapfrogged over Meth and Red comedy to straight up Steppin Fetchit/Mantan Lupan material. I was watching some MTV Spring Break show the other night where 3-6 took three USC cheerleaders to Mexico for a little fun. Whatever - typical MTV extra, extra soft porn.

There was one scene that was particularly disturbing. While judging a bikini contest an eager contestant gave DJ Paul a little ‘back that ass up’ dance. Homeboy proceeded to bug his eyes out and go into some sort of convulsion. Looked like homey was having an epileptic fit.
The image of a Black man going into some sort of trance in the presence of a sexually charged young white woman is too much. These cats looked like straight bufoons while the USC girls begrudgingly indulged their sophomoric antics.

At some point people there has t be a line drawn in the sand. Some sh*t is not right.

In other randomness:

-Why is Brad Daugherty ding NASCAR for ESPN. How did that happen?
- Muhammad Ali’s daughter looked good on Dancing With the Stars
-Look for your boy at the Vandy/G’Twn game tonight!

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Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

I saw that cip as well, I literally felt the vibrations of all the deceased civil rights leaders spinning in their graves. It kind of reminded me of those old clips where the black character would bug his eyes out every time he was scared, the mere thought makes me want to have an impromptu sit-in somewhere..lol

March 24, 2007 7:14 PM


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