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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The last post til Manic Monday

Headed out of town for a spell. Today's post are thanks to the RS New Media team

-Rhymefest getting some MTV shine

-Dilated is back:
As hip-hop culture (DJing, MCing, b-boying, graffiti art and beatboxing) evolved in the late 1970s and early 1980s, two things were hallmarks of the movement: DJing and lyrical excellence. In the last several years, no rap group has done more to champion those elements than Dilated Peoples. The Los Angeles-based trio of Rakaa, Evidence and DJ Babu inject their music with humor, insight and social commentary, and DJ Babu's cuts add an additional layer of excitement and complexity to the group's material.
The trio's first three albums - 2000's The Platform, 2001's Expansion Team and 2004's Neighborhood Watch - are hailed as exemplary examples of quality hip-hop. So after enjoying the biggest radio and television exposure of its career with the 2004 hit "This Way," produced by and featuring Kanye West, Dilated Peoples wanted to make a point that they had a clear vision for their music, hence the 20/20 title for their new album.

for more info, click here

-Chuck and PE staying ahead of the curve. http://www.AllHipHop.com/hiphopnews/?Id=5111


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