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Monday, November 28, 2005

After a Few Days Off...

...I am feeling a bit more productive this Monday.

Some things to mentally chew on for the week.


This story about Bush and Blair discussing blowing up Al Jazeera never got as much ink as I think it should have.

This one I (Michael) vicked from Ian, I think. Either them or Prefix. Bob Johnson is not the sellout many of us thought. Soon after one of my rants I realized that you can't force people to stay in the box you created for them. Especially in business you start a venture and the natural thing is to let it go, let it grow, or let it die. Holding onto it, like we wanted Bob to do with BET is fundamentally unatural.

It us very American to abhor death and to never lose. In Hip-Hop even moreso. Think of 'We won't stop, can't stop' or "I...Will...Not...Lose...Ever."
The reality is that every thing has a time to live and a time to die. And they should both welcomed and celebrated.

Another thing that is unacceptable in America is walking away from tremendous sums of money like Dave Chapelle did. I love what he did and on Sunday, The Times had a so-so piece about Dave's return.

I tell the staff up in here and our interns - let the money chase you, do not chase money. Determine your fee based upon your needs and your worth. Dave decided he did not need $50 Million for what it was gonna cost him. That does not mean he is going to be broke. He could easily gross in the 10's of millions doing stand up.
Potential movie deals, books, DVD royalties and lord knows what lese could generate that $50 million with minimal compromise.

He assesed his strengths and weaknesses and made the call. Now, remember we are all not Dave and do not have the earning potential, so we can't get gassed and play ourselves in these negotiations.

I think The Boondocks is hitting its stride. I fell asleep again last night, but I did peep the "A Pimp Names Slickback" (like A Tribe Called Quest, you gotta say the whole thing) rerun Sat night. That joint was way better than the 1st episode. Maybe it helped that our friends Unspoken had a nice song placement on there. And I am really liking that intro by Asheru more and more.

F*&#king Giants, actually f*&%^ing Jay Feely

I hope Michael Irvin's story is true. Sounds beleiveable
as does him hitting the pipe and running his damn mouth on Monday Night Countdown


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