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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am in full larceny mode, I had to vick this from The Fader

As if I didn't like Juelz enough already. Grinding on Lohan on The Tonight Show.
Look at Leno's face - classic. Look at hers and Juelz! They look like they are in heaven
Leno - "Oh my god that could be my daughter! Hey, hey not so close"
Lohan - "Hanging out with these Harlem Bloods is soooo cool."
Santana - "I love my life...and these white girls...EH!"
The DJ - "I never get no shine"
Racists around the country - "GASP!"
young Black boy swho have never been out of New Yorks- "goddamn, I wanna be a rapper!"
The SC - "So nice to see us all getting along...godamn, I wanna be a rapper!"
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Anonymous james said...

yo! i can NOT believe you found this! i was actually
witness to this the night it aired (thanksgiving i
think, although at the time my mind was clouded by
turkey, stove-top, wine, and a little smoke) any way,
i couldn't believe my eyes. i have an equally bizarre
interest in both the lohan and juelz "A! A!" santana
(no homo), so needless to say, i was thrilled to see
the line up for that nights show. but LET IT BE
KNOWN! it was LOHAN who initiated that shit! she RAN
over to him, literally RAN once he had finished
performing and PUSHED UP on HIM!! i think juelz was
stunned, but as the picture clearly shows, he is all
man, and would be damned to refuse a little grind
action. not to mention, while he was performing, you
could see lidsay at the side of the stage wiggling her
little disney(TM)body all over the place. quite a
sight indeed. but alas, that is the power of the
mighty whistle song. all i know is i woulda LOVED to
have been at the after party. any body seen black &
white? [sigh]

December 01, 2005 11:59 AM

Blogger Zach Fields said...

I too am glad that someone tracked this down. I agree with every that was said about the performance up to this point.

I was thinking, my world is going to fold in on its self. Lohan grinding on Juelz. wow

December 05, 2005 11:27 AM


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