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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quick Post Today

So we got a copy of the 50 video game in the office yesterday. I spent more time than I should have playing last night and here are the results.

-This game is NOT for Children, but if you didn't realize that, get out from under that rock

-This is game is NOT for the racially sensitive. Black people who have a problem with the word 'nigga' should just stick to Madden

-As if the 'Boondocks' or Hip-Hop in general didn't open the flood gates on the word, this is gonna make it worse (or better depending on your point of view)

-Nor is this for those sensitive to the word 'bitch' or the phrase 'get these bitches' or 'Banks lay these bitches down'

-Yayo and Buck have some equally awesome ignorant lines

-This is perhaps the most violent I have ever played. The counter kills are something Verinus and Pullo would rock on the fields of Gaul. true, I have Gaulish look about me

-However, it is not that much more socially deviant than the GTA series. So if you are gonna get on this gane you'd better holla at RockStar as well.

-Overall, the game is not as bad as the reviews may lead you to think. But then I am a sports guy so I don't buy any of these. I get sick of GTA after a few zoned out sessions.

-If you are a 50 fan ignore all of this. You will love it. In principal, I actually do think it's cool that a Hip-Hop artist was able to get his own game. Definitely a power move.

-All in all this game is no more morally or socially abhorrent than his music or his videos. So don't go clutching your pearls. The 50 machine rolls on.

and while we are talking about video games. Here is an interesting piece for my gamers/musicians


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