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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Cutting

- You see that piece on Busta getting his locks cut? Interesting that such an event is newsworthy in the 1st place. Why is a rapper cutting his hair so important? That is a question I am not sure I have the answer to, honestly.
Being that I cut my locks a couple of months ago it's newsworthy to me.

-Buildng on yesterday's post. it seems as though another mogul has decided to flip his investment. Richard Branson, and no this is not the same cat uptown who was famous for putting his weed in jars.
I was reading his biography and some 'bama actually asked me that. And then didn't wan to believe me when I told them the truth

-I am gonna buy it, but I really need to see if this Hip-Hop Encyclopedia is gonna be dope or not. It is certainly need. That's for sure.

-dress like a woman to get away from the Fever Doo Wops?

-The Knicks are fantastically mediocre. I still believe in Steph though, f&%k that!

-What a conundrum I will be in when the Nets to Brooklyn


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