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Thursday, April 28, 2005

you're such a nerd

I was watching Matrix Revolutions for the umpteenth time last night trying to get Miles to sleep. And as some of you many know I am one of those Matrix nerds. It is embarrassing how many times Eb and I have watched those flicks. But the latest viewing inspired today’s blog:

“Symbolism in the Matrix”

As Greg can tell you I can go on for hours about this, but here is the abridged version.

The prevailing opinion among Matrix fans is that it is a Christ story. Neo as Jesus, Orpheus as John the Baptist, Trinity as Mary Magdalene, etc. I believe that closer examination proves that to be false. If anything it is a Satanic story. Now I don’t mean Satanic in a Devil with horns, Evil Magic sort of way, but Satanic in a Dan Brown kind of way. Neo is not Jesus as at all. In fact he is on the other side.

Look at the imagery. The Wachowski brothers are not too subtle with it. There are two sides fighting here. The machine world versus the human world. I believe the machine world represents organized Christina religion and the real world is analogous to Hell.

The machine world
The Architect designed the Matrix – if that character is not a stereotypical image of God I don’t know what it is. An old white man with a beard. Check the Sistine Chapel brother.

The Merovingian works for the Architect. The Merovingian line of kings, legend has it, is descended from Jesus himself. Whether you believe that is another issue.

The mainframe where Neo meets the Architect looks like a classic image heaven. All white, celestial, pristine. The architects is omniscient via all his closed circuit TV screens

The three power lines (the real Trinity) lead to the real power, the machine that runs the Machine City

The Real World

Zion is deep below the earth where it is warm. In Christian mythology Heaven is above Hell is below.

And the party after Morpheus’s speech in Zion is some real primal s*&t. Something a good Christian would never be a part of.

Seraph is referred to as ‘wingless’ when he, Trinity and Orpheus enter the Merovingian’s techno club. In the battle of heaven wasn’t the Devil and his solders fallen angels. Angels who could not fly or wingless angels.

The word Seraph or rather Seraphim itself is the name of the protecting and avenging angel. Who does Seraph protect…?

The Oracle. An entity almost as powerful as The Architect but more powerful than all the agents and renegade programs. The Oracle is Lucifer. The opposite power constantly vying for power over humankind.

What does one choose when about to be freed from the Matrix? A red or blue pill. You either eat from the Tree of Knowledge and see how bad the world really is or stay in the Garden of Eden (the Matrix) where all is taken care of as long as you play by the rules.
Orpheus is the serpent who tempts mankind as represented by Neo.

In the final battle between Smith and Neo, Smith asks why neo continues to fight. His response because ‘I choose to.’ Sounds like the argument of free will to me. Humans have it Angels (Agents) do not.

I don’t think The Matrix is Satanic text necessarily mainly because of the ending. The nice happy ending tries to tell the story that war is not the answer. We can only win by working together.

What is interesting is that the Architect (God in my argument) is portrayed as a short sided tyrant and The Oracle (The Devil) is the nurturing force. Devil’s Apocrypha, anyone?

For all those that think this is overanalyzing, you’re right. I’m a nerd. All my fellow nerds – Holla Back


Blogger Joey said...

Shit, Wes, I never really thought if the Matrix like this. Awesome fucking post. I will be linking to this later today. Well done, my man. But the dude's named Morpheus, not Orpheus.

April 29, 2005 11:19 AM

Blogger Swifty said...

Thanks man.
The Morpheus thing must have slipped by the proofread

April 29, 2005 4:26 PM


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