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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Reflections from the K-OS/Handsome Boy Modeling School show last night at Irving Plaza

Give me a few hours to get my review of the show together. In the meantime here are some ramblings I came up with waiting for the show to start.

I will say this k-OS did his mother funking thing last night. I was really impressed. I quietly believe he stole the show.
But more on that later today.

Our generation has an intense need to stay connected. At the show
everybody had a cell, sidekick, Treo and was checking it constantly. Myself included. And we were watching a breakdancing film all the while. Our senses must be stimulated at all times. On the train over to the gig I needed my iRiver or a book. Without it I felt naked. The sensory overload in this city and our culture have given rise to full blown ADD on every level.

Thus was birthed the blog. There is so much on our collective mind that
we must have an avenue to publish our every thought at every inkling. And with the web granting us such an opportunity we flock to it like a moth to a flame.

And what to make of pope who was in Hitler youth?

Had a nice debate with Ian at the show about the true power of the pope. Now I am not one of the faithful so maybe my question is born of ignorance, but I asked the very basic question of how can the pope wield influence in today’s world.

I get the sense that at least here in the States the pope, as an individual, wields little power. He seems akin to the Queen of England. He/she is the living breating embodiment of age old tradition and mythology. But on a practical level does very little. That is not to say that mythical figureheads cannot be extremely powerful, they absolutely can. But if the pope rains down a particularly conservative, regressive, non-modern edict how much weight will it carry with people who wield power themselves. How many Catholics have pre marital sex, masturbate, eat meat on Friday, don’t go to Mass or confession, or get divorced?

They say this new cat is mad conservative. I wonder what that means and how it will play out/affect our daily lives. We have seen how dogmatic ideologies can change your daily life. For reference see Iraq, George Walker Bush, Tom Delay

Can someone explain to me why Communism is the biggest evil in this
Country? I mean I think I get it, but I would like a good poly sci major out there to really school me.

When the pope died I must have heard a million times how his
legacy was linked to the fall of Communism. On Meet the Press, The McLaughlin Group and all my favorite Sunday shows that was picked as his biggest achievement. I thought visiting a mosque and synagogue was pretty impressive.
What exactly did he do? I remember Lech Walesa and the Solidarity Movement in Poland, but maybe I was too young to truly appreciate it. Somebody please kick some knowledge to me.

And by the way the Common album is better than I thought (will I ever stop posting about this?)


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