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Friday, April 08, 2005

Life is pretty good

Anyone who told you that blogging was easy was lying. Nuff respect to all those who keep their joint fresh and updated on the daily. Like Hashim and Joey and of course the good Different Kitchen. Keep checking them every day for the latest scoops. I will do my best to keep the Report fresh.

The Good Foot was off the hook last night (can I still use that term? sorry). Alma must get her props for quarterbacking the joint. And thanks to Kim and Ian for helping spread the word. Thanks to the Underground Railroad crew for murdering it. The music was outstanding all night. It is quite ill to have so many dope cats in one crew. From Emskee to Monk to 3D.

Can you believe it took them 14 years to have a party to celebrate their achievements? Was talking to Jay Smoov and G-Man about it. They are humble dudes who are not into patting themselves on the back and that is probably why they get so much love. I am proud that we could be the ones to do the patting.

Please check out Jay’s blog. He summed the night better than I. And I second that emotion. (Is that 3D in the corner? He looks just like Djinji Brown).

Like last month, thanks to the old and new friends who made it out. Dawn Kinard repping the old days in Charlottesville, Big Drew the defenseman, Guillermo E. Brown aka the Genius, the lovely ladies from The African Services Committee, Ian’s sister Nadine, OP from Studio, Amir Abdullah, Pack FM.

Princeton vs. Rutgers tomorrow. I got the day off for male bonding.


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