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Friday, March 25, 2005


First off,

Don’t forget next week Thursday is THE GOOD FOOT.

We will be celebrating the 14TH year Anniversary of WBAI’s Underground Railroad. For those that don’t know WBAI is one of the most respected community stations in the city and the where our friend and yours, DJ Spinna got his start.

Last month was a gas and this is gonna be even better with goodies from Elemental, Halcyon and Prefix Mag. Plus those cheap ass beers.

Onto my latest brilliant (fake) observation.

Ludacris is better than you.
I was listening to “Virgo” this morning while I dropped Roxy off at Doggie Day Care. Ludacris is a capitalist rapper for sure and has done some questionable songs. ‘Area Codes’ is probably just as embarrassing as ‘Bling, Bling.’

However, songs like ‘Saturday’ from “Word Of Mouf” and ‘Potion’ from “The Red Light District” are songs that I challenge the most die hard underground rapper to write.

Now his content definitely leaves much to be desired but the flow and the songwriting are exceptional. I think that Ludacris is a Hip Hop head and a capitalist. (For the record I am more of a socialist with capitalistic tendencies or better yet as Nas says ‘A philosophical gangster with violent priors.’). Next to Jay-Z I believe he has balanced Hip Hop purist principles with the modern day Hip-Hop industry demands.

I wish more independent artists actually spent some time writing songs instead of focusing on how different they are. The reality is that the main difference between the two worlds is violence. Your typical underground artist is not as violent, although that is changing. Many on both categories are on a paper chase, misogynistic, braggadocios and mad at their record label

Listen to those songs and holla back.

And for the record my bracket is Bang—ing! 3 out of 4 last night. Leading the office pool. Picked Louisville last night. All about NC State tonight.


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