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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Some of my favorite things

DISCLAIMER: this post was inspired a post I read on O-Dub's blog.

Here are the best things going in Hip-Hop in my expert (fake) opinion

In a chronological, astrological, zoological order:
  1. Jay Dilla
  2. Mike Jones, Slim Thug and that Houston sound
  3. Common
  4. MF Doom

The cats listed above are either a) str8 up dope, b) pushing and expanding the genre, or c) holding it down.

My favorite ignorant rappers:

  1. Cam'ron
  2. Nore
  3. 50
  4. Game
  5. Mike Jones

Real beatmaker who makes hits and stupid money:

  • Just Blaze

Beatmaker who makes hits, stupid money but can sometimes be off:

  • Kanyeezy

effeminate man servant who along with the above has influenced fashion in ways I could have never predicted

  • Farnsworth Bentley

My favorite new ignorant rapper who I hope makes a killer album

  • P Crack Cocaine (Peedi Crack)

New artist I had hoped would have become larger

  • Oh No

Artist I hope will put out a record, even if it's not with us

  • Grap Luva

Wildest dude I have seen on TV in a while

  • Booby Fischer

What I want for Festivus (early)

  • PSP


Blogger ian said...

I know backpackers and nerd rap fans dig him, but isn't MF Doom as ignorant, if not more so, than Peeti Crack and the others on your list?

April 04, 2005 12:07 AM


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