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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rocking with the best

You are now rocking with the best. The best damn bracketologist in 55 Washington Street. I picked UNC going all the way and lo and behold. There it is!

My man Greg who was the March Madness custodian informed I picked with 75% accuracy. Beating his 73% accuracy by the hairs of my chinny chin chin.

Sean May is a monster and those moving screens from Illinois were illegal. Plain and simple. Play ball instead of settling for jump shots.

Just got ‘She Hate Me’ from the good Netflix. I wonder what lesbians have to say about that flick. Spike seems to like to live out his fantasies through his movies. The e-Lamp becomes a bruh (School Daze), the violent revolutionary (Do The Right Thing), the repressed jazz musician (Mo Better), the swaggering pimp (Malcolm X), figurative killer of the sellout (Bamboozled). I wonder of She Hate Me is the embodiment of the heterosexual male fantasy.

The dude who played the lead was great. And his ex-girl who played Ray Charles’ wife is bad. She had much more sex appeal in this flick than in anything else I have seen her in. When she came out in the thong even Eb didn’t mind when I rewound. She does have a weird grill piece. Looks like she sucked her thumb too long when she was yout’. That white ball player was kind of sexy too. The cock diesel one was…scary.

What was the point of Q-Tip’s character? I love Tip, but he has yet to prove to be the best actor. Prison Song was real dope, though.

This is funny.

I still love Spike for his dedication to the craft. He still makes films you suckers are scared too make. I won’t join that Soul Plane, Bringing Down the House debate mainly because I haven’t seen those films, but I do concur with the broad reasoning.

UVa in the house! Alum and NY Times writer LOLA OGUNNAIKE was peeped on CNN Showbiz Tonight by the Swift Chancellor. Don’t really care about Britney’s reality show but good for Lola. (I must note that it was also UVa alum Chuck Wilson who wrote ‘Soul Plane’ and UVa alum rambling right now)

Look forward to seeing all at the Good Foot this Thursday to celebrate WBAI’s Underground Railroad.

(I bit the following blurb from Ian at Different Kitchen who bit it from Alma so it’s all good)

And in case y'all don't know, this is Jay Smooth's radio show we're talking about below:
"Independent Hip Hop radio show, "The Underground Railroad" celebrates its 14th anniversary which marks a landmark in New York radio history for being the longest running show of its kind.The show is best known for their high standards in delivering the best in Hip Hop music and culture. The UR has teamed up with the Good Foot monthly party, hosted by promotions company Room Service, Brooklyn label 7Heads, and Brooklyn Brewery to commemorate the anniversary at the April 7th event.Established in 1991, "The Underground Railroad show", hosted by Jay Smooth, has boasted an all-star line up of resident DJs, including DJ Spinna, Avee, Qool Marv, Monk-1, Emskee, and 3D. A true voice of Hip Hop, over the years the show has included appearances from artists such as Tribe Called Quest, Talib Kweli, Das Efx, Jungle Brothers, King T, Xzibit, Naughty by Nature, Mister Voodoo, Organized Konfusion, Eminem, Mad Skillz, Mr. Complex, Freestyle Fellowship, The Roots, and more.This FREE event is sure to be a historic night in New York radio history and numerous guest appearances from artists, listeners, fans, and the like who have all benefited from the presence of the Underground Railroad are anticipated.Taking place on April 7th, at The Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar starting at 9pm, the event will feature music from WBAI’s own 3D, Emskee, and Monk-1.Giveaways have been graciously provided by Halcyon, Prefix Magazine, Elemental Magazine as well as 7Heads and Room Service. (Ed note: trust me I've seen the goodie bags and there's some real nice sh-t in them including CD's from Stones Throw, Nature Sounds and a fly DVD from Sonny Chiba in some of the bags. All free, what!)$3 Brooklyn Lagers all night long provided by The Brooklyn Brewery.And stay tuned for more information about the May 5th Good Foot Event that will be produced in conjunction with the REACHipHop coalition (the folks behind the Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" protest campaign for those not knowing)"
DIRECTIONS:Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar74 Leonard Street, between Broadway and ChurchNew York CityClick here for additional info


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