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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sorry I left you

Been meaning to update the old report, but between the hustling and little Miles time is slim. Had a couple of ramblings for you
Looks like Swizz beats is back. He has two legitimate hits in the machine. T.I.’s ‘Bring ‘Em Out’ and the ‘new’ Cassidy joint, ‘I’m a Hustla.’ Not sure if you can consider the Cassidy joint new, but it has done an excellent job in reviving his career.

I think we were ready to write Cassidy off as a one hit wonder. I didn’t like the R Kelly joint at first, but it did grow on me. The wife definitely liked. The ‘Hustla’ song on the other hand I was feeling from the jump. Now I am gonna be honest it wasn’t the lyrics that got me open initially, it was the beat.

As far as T.I. goes, I think Swizz really opened that project up to new audiences. All I knew was ‘Rubberband Man’ and I liked it. ‘Bring ‘Em out’ however plowed through the hole Rubberband opened up.

What is interesting that Swizz seems to be using Jay-Z as his springboard back in the game. Both of these hits use the Jigga man and we have to ask is that what we are drawn to. Sort of like when Erick Sermon decided to jump on Marvin Gaye’s back. Or when Starks starting using Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.
Anyone hear the RZA on WNYC. Got kind of caught in some contradictory statements, but it is great to hear the Abbot on NPR.
Check out our boy James Blagden’s website. James has been doing our covers for the past couple of years and is trying to get his illustration hustle on.


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