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Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama and Richardson sitting in a tree...

You probably don't need me to tell you this but politics, especially this season, is like a mixture of SportsCenter, The Real World and Making The Band. That being said, we have to make sure to take this coverage with a grain of salt.

On Hardball and the new show on MSNBC ‘Race For The White House’ that replaced my man Tucker Carlson, the pundits have been trying to find anyway to attack Obama's speech all week. The chief right wing biased dummy Joe Scarborough took the absurd argument that the speech played well in Manhattan but how did it do in Queens?

Implying that rich folks in the city love Obama but working class people in the outer boroughs don't.
It is divisive politics not based in fact.

First of all I wonder when was the last time Scarborough stepped foot in the Q-Boro. But outside of that let's break it down because I've actually been in Queens lately.
I bet the speech played well in Corona with the Columbians and Mexicans.
Probably did well in Flushing with middle class older Blacks like my groovy in-laws.
Probably did well in Astoria with the hipsters.
Did well Jamaica (The Estates and South side)
Did well in Hollis and St Alban's I guarantee that.

It also did well in Fort Greene, East New York and Cobble Hill. Probably not so well in Bay Ridge and Middle Village, I'll give you that.

The reality is that when you analyze the speech this blowback these fools claim won't happen.

They have never seen an Obama before and they keep trying to use the old tactics to tear him down. But old tactics don’t work on a new paradigm.

Yeah the Rev wilded out.
Yeah the Scarborough argument could work well with white folks just looking to release that inner racist demon. White people who front like they are liberal and progressive but deep down are not comfortable pulling that lever for a Black man, a woman, Jew, Latino, or anyone other than someone who looks like a Founding Father. For those cats this will be their excuse.
For people like Pat Robertson and Lou Dobbs this is the opening in Barack’s armor where they can focus their fear mongering, racism, and xenophobia all for higher ratings and fatter pay checks.

Anyone who actually listened to the speech knows that Obama neither ducked the Wright issue nor bloodied himself up. What he did was drop jewels that will change the world. Believe it.

With today’s endorsement of Bill Richardson I think we are ready to keep marching on.

Hilary, things are getting darker.
Old Man Winter – get your rest. We’re coming for thee.

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