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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joe Doofus

I was watching ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC this morning and caught a brief segment about the New Yorker’s claim that crime in NYC began to dip during the Dinkins administration.

This fool Joe Scarborough appears to be a minor Congressman who washed out and parlayed whatever fame he had into a nice gig at MSNBC. After Don Doofus got bounced out this cat Scarborough was put into the morning slot. He used to have a show in the evening MSNBC line up. After Chris Mathews and Keith “Exactly how did you get these political credentials from doing SportsCenter” Oberman. He always seemed like MSNBC’s version of Bill O’Reilly. Opinionated white male whose shtick was bullying and talking over guests. Was never really that impressive.

Well this morning his co-host was reading an article about how Rudy does not deserve all the credit for the decline in crime. That the trend actually started with David Dinkins. For anyone who lived in NY during the Dinkins era knows this has a lot of truth to it. The reality is that Dinkins blew it with the Crown Heights riots. Rudy seized upon that flub and rode the law and order horse into City Hall. Outside of that incident Dinkins and his Chief of Police had a great record on crime. This is an empirical fact that has been researched and reported on for years.

Scarborough who is as much of a legit journalist as Perez Hilton has apparently taken the blue pill and chose to laugh at this claim without offering one iota of evidence outside of the supposed liberal bias against Rudy. And something to the effect of Rudy was a tough guy from Queens who never played ball with the Times crowd.
Dude, you’re from Florida what the hell do you know about tough guys from Queens or for that matter the intelligentsia of the NYTimes crowd. New York is not the Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Sex In The City film strip people swallow like so many cans of Diet Coke.

He also claimed that because Rudy was elected twice New Yorkers have forfeited their right to criticize. Outside of being a juvenile and naïve argument … well that’s all it needs to be discounted. Election #1 – see above and Crown Heights. Election #2 – he exploited a lack of Democratic harmony that lead to Ruth Messinger and Al Sharpton rather than Mark Green as his opponents. Blame Mark Green for his attack on Rev Al that destroyed his Black and Latino fanbase. And I say again seeing how Rudy ran the city ask NY’ers if they would vote for him again. Ask the firefighters. The school teachers.

And news flash Joe, there are several two term politicians who you would not give the same pass to. One’s name is Clinton and likes interns. And I know one who used to sniff coke and whose daddy was also president.

To sum it up, Joe Scarborough is an idiot who just lost a viewer.

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