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Friday, November 09, 2007

You smoke crack, don't ya!?

Heard today that the CEO of Sprint took it on the chin for poor earnings and for turning down the iPhone deal. Makes you wonder. How the hell do you turn down that deal?
My man may not have been crazy and here are a few reasons

- Apple is nice and they know it. I can see the terms being ridiculously weighted to their side. So much so that it could mean a revenue loss for the carrier

- Steve Jobs is a scary motherf*cker. He used Pixar’s success to become the leader shareholder in Disney. I can see people not wanting that barbarian at the door. “Thank you but I’ll take the zero”

- maybe he was just out of touch and still rocks a Sony Walkman

- He was cautious. If in the rare possibility it did fail he would have been the biggest dummy in the game. Not every Apple product is a killer. There was LISA.

-He couldn’t work the touch screen because his hands were too greasy from the Popeye’s served at the meeting

-He smokes crack

-His girl worked at AT&T and he wanted to hook her up…so she could hook him up later

Have a good weekend

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