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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Notes from the B26

-this quote from Common's 'Nag Champa' sums it up for me:

I'm sittin wit descendants of Abraham
Who say the jam is "Money, Cash, Hoes"
I went from bashful to asshole to international
Lover-self, word to the mother on my last record cover it's felt
Now deal wit it

You not gon' respect self, at least respect the heritage
Affecting lives is where the wealth and the merit is
I realize what I portray day to day, I gotta carry this
And beats, rhymes and life is where the marriage is

-listening to Black Star on the way in. Mos is the star no doubt but I still maintain Kweli dominated that album. Black Star is more accurately defined as Reflection Eternal feat Mos Def. Kweli and Tek were peaking on this one.

-see the story about the Homeland Security Haloween party where a cat came dressed in dreads, a jail suit, and blackface? I believe the quote was 'some felt the costume was offensive.' Some. For sure. The number of people who feel that costume was funny will make your skin crawl.

-F@ck Don Imus. Even the coach is cool. I ain't.

-Evil lurks everywhere, my youth. Be wary

-Love Ray Lewis' comments about that ass whooping last night. He'll be a great analyst or better yet a coach

-who is gonna be next year's Hip-Hop rookie of the year?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis is that dude....He had me believing that they could really be playoff bound by the end of the year (Sounds crazy)....he seems like a great motivator

November 07, 2007 9:35 AM


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