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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Love NPR and WNYC

"things look good to me"

As far as I'm concerned they are the only real news outlet.
Not a 'wink', 'wink' joke like Jon Stewart
Not unashamedly biased like Fox
Not watered down like CNN
Not cookie cutter stories sit out by AP

They have real stories about issues you wouldn't think of. For example today they had the CEO of eBay on talking about the counter-cyclical of their business. When was the last time you dropped that word over dinner.

Made total sense once she spoke on it. When times are hard people will unload junk on eBay for much needed extra cash. And consequently when times are rough people will be more prone to purchase used goods from eBay.
eBay is a recession proof business. Brilliant.

This goes to my point of the moment. When you're not making paper look to yourself first. Recession or slow down kicked your ass? Build a recession proof business model. Like selling crack (just kidding).

The music business is fine. The problem is with the Big 4, traditional retail and half ass artists and content producers.

The music business is very good to Apple, Ticketmaster, Live Nation and select human brands like Jay, Puff, Stoute, Wayne, and Kanye.

Before you throw stones look in the mirror. Examine your business model. More specifically look at your delivery method, your product line, marketing and branding strategy.

As they say hate the player not the game. That's actually not what they say but you say it now.

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Anonymous Theo said...

Hi, Wes,

Thanks for the shout-out for WNYC! I work for the station and your blog made our day!

For a special project at the station, we are currently looking for real voices and stories of real WNYC listeners who have been touched, informed, surprised, motivated, delighted by our programming.

We’d love to talk to you or anyone else who listens. You can reach me at tkuslan@wnyc.org. Thank you for your interest and support for WNYC.


November 30, 2007 7:19 PM

Blogger Wes said...

thanks for the shout
definitely interested

December 02, 2007 7:29 AM


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