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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Isiah, you're losing me

I have defended the Knicks for years. I have fended off attacks from turncoats like Traniworld and my own brother (smile). But even I am beginning to believe this is getting out of hand.
Kicking dudes out of practice is as bad of a look for the coach as it is for the players.

The reality is Isiah appears to be fundamentally unable to do his job which is to win. Right now I can't see the Knicks in the playoffs for three years. And to do that the ship needs to be turned around right now. Instead he is throwing dudes out and beefing with Starbury.

I like Isiah. I think he has great basketball knowledge. I think he can do it but he has to start NOW. Get a front office guy to help you out or move to the front office and bring in someone else (less than likely).

And Dolan better get cracking because Rod Thorn is bringing a well run franchise to the NY market. And if they make a run and make it back to the Finals with Brooklyn on their chest, it will be the beginning of the end of the Knick dominance in New York. Don't Hovito throw hos celebrity behind it. The Nets will be 'cool' in a snap.

I love the Knicks but it is gonna be hard to fight of the allure of switching sides.
-Me, Boogie and The Bea walking down to Nets games
-Producing shows at the Arena
-Opening a sports bar on Atlantic (that's a wish there)
-And enjoying a winning team, finally

I'll keep it real with you though. I will always be a Knick fan but damn y'all gotta stop pushing me!

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