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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Randomness for anyone actually working today

- The Freeway album is dope. Always loved Free. He wants to win so damn bad you gotta love him. Still has one of the most unique flows in the game. Support the brother.
Check out: This Can't Be Real, Billionaires, Light Get Low (I think I like Rick Ross), Spit That Sh&t

- I love how Jay tricks off E500 notes in that Roc Boys video. I always said that if you are gonna talk about money do it right. I am supposed to be a conscious cat but don't trip I like to have my fun. Cars, clothes, and jewelry is played out. It's about summer houses, 5 star restaurants and 'swellin like a Magellan fund' like my brother said. That's what I want. Let's talk about how to make real money. Trick off euros and school these kids about the global economy. Love it. If these kids learn that lesson and read more they will get off those corners. Fact.

- Getting my Alton Brown today and tomorrow. Enjoy your family this week

- Still haven't seen 'American Gangster'

- Saw 'Bee Movie' with Miles last week. Ever since Kramer wigged out I have boycotted anything Seinfeld but I compromised for the sake of father-son bonding. Jerry Seinfeld is just a Woody Allen knock off. The movie was just an animated Seinfeld episode. There was a George, an Elaine, and even the actual Puddy was in it. Boo. And the story was essentially 'Antz', Woddy Allen's animated, neurotic, Jewish New York tale.
And keeping in mind the Kramer wig out, there were several lines that were curious. Watch the movie and pay attention to the talk about dating spiders and 'I hope she's Bee-ish' lines.
This was just Dreamworks attempt to cash in on the celebrity, comedian, animated hustle. Uninspired.
But it did keep Miles' attention for 90 minutes. After the questionable previews almost made my dude cry.

Enjoy yourself

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