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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finding Forever initial feedback

'that's double extra medium. I'll take the pink one and the green one

-the drumbeat intro to The Game is one of the sickest ever
- not his best work
- a tad uninspired and regurtiated
- still doper than most (as Joey wrote on the Bodega)
- wasn't that D'Angelo beat on Donuts?
- Will.i.am joint grows on you
- "found the new Primo" that's not a nice thing to say
- 'Ye is killing me with the Grey Poupon line. sometimes he goes too far
- I like the length. concise
- Cover sucks (as James wrote)
- 'Start The Show' is dope
- I did the filesharing thing so I don't what Kanye produced and what he did not so I can't speak on his performance
- 'Like Water...', 'Ressurection', 'One Day...' are still the best but this has some joints that will be on the Greatest Hits joint

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