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Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday randomness on Monday

- Don't count Michael Vick out. $10 million buys a lot of lawyers (and judges guughhhh!!!)
- I guess his boy didn't heed the words of Killa Cameron
- Stephen A Smith the big mouth actually made good points about this on ESPN2 today

- Rock The Bells review is soon come here is a preview
too many flip flops in the mud
where the f%ck is Starks?
and who was the other dude always on the jumbotron
was Doom lyp syncing
UFC mudfights
Swift Chancellor acapulco style from the man who came up with the name the Chef Raekwon
Sage Francis dry humping
big spliffs
etc, etc.
Large albinos with skills
Baduism banned
no Muggs no Norm aka Terminator X 'it'

Random food establishments to avoid because of horrible service
- the pretentious coffe shop on Front Street
- Sole and Golden Crust on Fulton and Washington

The Bea is melting down. gotta go

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