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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't underestimate a comlimentary industry

I have a pet roject. I want to write two different lines of children's books. One about the history of hip-hop, the other based on raising kids in the city. (btw check Eb's new blog, boogieandthebea.blogspot)

I am entering this venture doing more research than I have with anything else. Why? Because I don't know squat about the publishing business and I respect that ignorance.

It would be easy to look at JK Rowling or Curious George or Dora The Explorer and say 'that's easy. I could do that.' The truth is it's not easy and odds are you couldn't do it without training. With training you may be smart and dedicated enough. But even then who knows.

Thankfully I have some good people who are willing to share their knowledge with me. Hopefully I can pull this off. But that is another post.

But my real point is never underestimate a new challenge. The reason why anything looks so easy is because there are really talented people making it happen that you don't see.

Theoretically the juggernaut that is the 50 Cent human brand is easy. Muscle bound former crack dealer from Southside. Gets shot. Creates myth. Signs with Dre. Sells millions. Signs on with Vitamin Water. Cashes out when Coke buys it.

Anyone in the biz knows it ain't that easy. To make that hapen there are producers, lawyers, interns, roadies, publicisists, regional salesmen, distribution hubs, purchase orders, marketing meeting, BDS, agents, MTV, BET, Soundscan manipulation, car services, itineraries, passports, breakout meetings, executive politics, market trends, disposable income rates, market share evaluations and on and on and on.

Think about what you do- whether it's delivering UPS or watching the Fed take stock of the complexities and realize that dude in the business next to you has the same struggles.

Don't take it lightly.


Blogger ian said...

Ah that's f-cked. I've had that idea for a children's history of hip-hop book for at least 4-5 years now. Of course, I've done nothing about it....
-- Ian

July 26, 2007 1:08 AM


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