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Monday, December 11, 2006

Remember -You created this monster

What a nice weekend in the big bad city. So nice we took Boogie out to Prospect Park to see the ducks, swans, and dirty pigeons. After freaking out and running into cycling traffic we took off down 5th Avenue back to the rest.While cruising down 5th in the whip that is quickly becoming a hooptie we saw a Blockbuster Video store. Almost simultaneously the wife and I said to each other, “Are they still in business?”

We hadn’t been inside a Blockbuster in a good three years. We are Netflix customers and have been ever since the office put us on. And with a two year old and two careers those little red envelopes provide what little entertainment we can get. So when we saw Blockbuster it was a back in the day moment. Back when “make it a Blockbuster night” was what you said when you were too tired or too broke to go to the club. Now that big store on the corner looks like a silly money pit from a company who used to gleefully gouge us.

We then got into a discussion about how Netflix outmaneuvered Blockbuster before the blue and yellow guys even realized it. Then, as big lumbering corporations usually do they tried to fire back at Netflix and launched their copycat service. Even though with Blockbuster’s money they should have done some damage most Netflix customers looked at Blockbuster Online and gave it a “oh that’s nice” and re-upped their Queue (“Thanks For Smoking” should be at the crib). Now it appears they are trying a somewhat interesting a combo of offline/online. I didn’t investigate but it looks like you rent online and can pick up at the store. Not sure. But regardless it looks like another doomed attempt to take back Netflix customers.

Before they launch another campaign that results in false advertising and a class action suit (NO LATE FEES) they should realize they made this bed they are lying in. Blockbuster spent years running the local video store out of business and in the process secured a monopoly. While sitting on their ass collecting dividend checks they ignored the disgruntled customers who became Netflix’s life blood.

Netflix flipped the Blockbuster biz model on its head, got some funding and here where are.
Keeping movies for a long time is what Netflix wants. Turning movies over in a day (what Blockbuster forced you to do) is a killer for Netflix. Quite brilliant in its simplicity.

So all the people Blockbuster wants back are the people they ran out the store with late fees, poor inventory, and nasty customer service. Realize, Blockbuster, that you created this monster called Netflix.

And remember you can’t shit on your customers and expect no repercussions.


Blogger ian said...

A couple weeks ago my roomate/sister wanted to toss out her Blockbuster membership card that had been gathering dust by the TV since we became dedicated Netflix subscribers going on six years ago and hadn't been in a Blockbuster since then. I said to keep it just in case. Then on Sunday she came in from the gym and announced that our local Blockbuster (on Court Street in Carroll Gardens) had actually closed and was completely cleaned out! I swear I had just walked past it a couple weeks ago and it was still running. How the mighty have fallen!

December 12, 2006 1:13 AM


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