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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Midnight Madness

As I write this I am catching up on my Hip-Hop ignorance aka watching MTV “Sucker Free.” I saw Jim Jones, Jeezy, Jibbs and Clipse – hooray!

So Jim Jones is running things, huh? Wow.
I can’t believe that video is for real. Why do people count money in videos?
I mean I know why, but really why? What would you do if that ever happened in real life? Even I might rob a dude and go buy some pampers.
And I still can’t get over your man doing push ups with a chick on his back. But hey, who am I to throw stones. We all remember the ‘Don’t Sweat The Technique” video; even the god Rakim had his trifling video.

Regardless of what I think of the Dip Set catalogue I do respect their grassroots appeal. There hasn’t been a New York crew since the Wu to have this type of ground level appeal. Roc A Fella had it but it wasn’t the same and plus Dip Set has 3 stars instead of the sole star of the Roc. One thing is for sure every kid on Fulton Street either looks like Jim Jones, Pharell or Jeezy. That’s got to be worth something

And I just realized that all those NFL players are emulating Jim Jones with the jump shot move. I am as out of touch as Sean Salisbury.

I get it – the Akon video is supposed to be ‘48 Hours’ I see said the blind man

What is the deal with this Rob & Big show on MTV? I kind of like it, but sometimes Rob plays Big like he is his big St Bernard puppy. Is that just me?
They were just doing the Kid N Play which was dope

I was supposed to write about the unwarranted ‘Kingdome Come’ backlash but got distracted. Next time

What’s the verdict on the Common GAP commercials? If it wasn’t Common I would have something very sarcastic to say


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