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Thursday, December 07, 2006

This House is not a home

While perusing the online National Enquirer Hip-Hop tabloid, SOHH I saw a story about Lil Wayne calling Jay Z out. Claiming that the the NO rapper was the best out.

Arguing that point is like arguing if the sun shines. So I will leave that alone.

What was interesting was that was seemingly caused our dreaded, affectionate, young rapper to lash out was my favorite topic - 'Kingdom Come.'

Seems like Weezy felt slighted that Jay felt he needed to come back to save Hip-Hop. Weezy was under the impression he and his father were on top of things. Although this is an obvious fact Wayne's comments crystalized a point for me. Jay's triumphant return indirectly (or maybe directly) pointed out every other contender's inability to replace him.
Another cause of the Kingdom Come push back.

I wonder if this was ever a topic of discussion in the Carter Administration.

Do you think Jay is suprised or even understands why Raekwon would stop his show to attack him?

Does he care?

This post was scheduled for yesterday but due to technical difficulties (wine spilled on laptop) we couldn't do it. Since then a respected blogger has already cited the SOHH story in comments to the Jay Z post. So Ian, I know where you stand on today's topic.


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