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Friday, December 08, 2006

simply way too cold out there

It is just too cold out today. Jeez

Ayway, busy day working on some end of the year projects.

But I must say I am seeing quite the slpit being percipitated by the re-emergence of Nas and Jay Z. They are old farts like me chastising the young generation. And the young generation (and its supporters) are pushing back...hard.

Now labelmate Jeezy disses Nas in Philly!?
Combine this with Weezy and Dip Set going at J and ot appears the young'uns have lost their place.

You know where I stand on this. Jezzy, JJ, and Weezy need to make some records like Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt before they start yapping. Being an old fart I have seen these young lions come and go while the pillars remain in our collective memory.

My mind begins to think of:

Tim Dog
MC Poet
Above The Law
Infamous Mobb
Ill and Al Scratch
Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
Da Supafriendz

At some point all these people laid claim to a title. And some were in the running for a few years. But 10-15 years later many of you readers have never heard of these people.

Let's revisit this "battle" in a few years and see if the discussion is still relevant.
See who is in jail, who is still longing for the good old days and who still wields power.


Blogger ian said...

Wes, Wayne's pretty much been in the game as long as Jay & Nas give or take a couple years. Just 'cos he was mostly poppin' in the South for the early part of his career doesn't diminish that fact.

December 09, 2006 6:02 AM

Blogger Swifty said...

brother I see your love for Wayne. I do not understand it but I will respect it. But I simply cannot look at his body of work and even see why this debate exists.

he may sell records. he may be popular and resonate with a great many people. however at the end of the day what is he bringing to the culture? and that is what is important to me. it's not about a regional bias

Regardless of his time in the game

December 09, 2006 9:00 AM

Blogger ian said...

Wes, despite your words above that you respect it, U just direspected at least half the country. Comments like this are the reason why "regional" cats have been screaming "East Coast crtics are biased" and "Quit hating on the South" for years!!

A few days ago, you wrote an impasssioned tribute to Slum Village, a group who I actually happen to like personally too but face facts, SV was pretty much all about Jay Dee's beats. They said nothing of substance content-wise and were crazy mediocre MC-wise though they admittedly improved over time but nowhere close to the level where they could lyrically f-ck with a say Kurupt to use an MC that you also ref. Overall, nobody outside of a limited universe okayplayer type Stans really f-cked with those cats but using your argument, Wayne's contributions to hip hop should be unquestioned 'cos - and I'm sure this will set you off too - Mannie Fresh, his Jay Dee, is as relevent a producer to hip hop as Dilla was.

Arguing about what's hot or relevant on the net is pointless though becuase ultimately it all boils down to personal taste and subjective factors but the implied subtext to your post is that because Wayne's a street-oriented, Dirty South rapper he hasn't contributed to the culture but you think Fantatsic > Doggsystyle and Southerplayalistic and a classic on the level of Illmatic, Criminal Minded, Paid In Full, Nation of Millions, Three Feet High... and People's Instinctive Travels?!! Frankly positing that argument with a straight face is insulting and undermines your entire case for dismissing Wayne at the same time.

December 09, 2006 5:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne and the majority of these cats out of the south are trash, plain and simple. The reason these cats keep screaming "quit hatin' on the south" is because they know they have no business being in the rap game in first place. They know they are garbage, that's why they keep defending themselves, and keep getting offended. The real lyricists out of the south don't talk that nonsense.

December 11, 2006 2:35 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

just for the record, I was not trying to imply that because Wayne is from the South and street-oriented that he hasn't contributed to the culture. I don't think I mentioned his regional allegiance once in the original post.

And from my SV post I clearly have no bias against "street" content. Or a strict NY bias. I am from NY and do prefer a Native Tongue vibe but I am wise enough to know the world is bigger than that.

However, it does come down to personal preference. Your taste and mine at simply at odds. Your feelings about Wayne (and now Fresh) are definitely not shared by the SCR.

But thanks for the exchange and let's see how important this issue is in a few years. I will be curious to see.

It does all go to my point about the horents nest Kingdome Come stirred up. And that to me is what is most interesting.

December 11, 2006 2:54 PM

Blogger Swifty said...


Be nice. You are going to get Ian going again

December 11, 2006 2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wes, I'm sorry...I just don't understand the hype behind Wayne, Jeezy, or any of these dudes. What is standard used to judge artistic merit? Somebody fill me in...

December 11, 2006 3:19 PM


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