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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Much too complex

Jim Jones makes it hard for me to give him a chance.
Was working from home yesterday and was able to catch up on my ignorant hip-hop. Thanks BET, you’re the bestest [sic] thing on the idiot box.

After watching The Capo (love that name) and Diddy (hate that name) play catch with money in the 'Ballin' remix video JJ was asked about the recent ban on the N word.
Now while I am of two minds on this issue I could not believe it when Jones answered (and I paraphrase) if you have a problem with the word then you ain't Black. Whether you agree or not with the use of the N word you have to respect the views of the older generation who put their lives on the line to fight the use of the word and its Bull Connor implications. Their ‘Blackness’ whatever that means cannot be questioned.

Then as if this episode of 106 and Park was just created for a debate between me and Ian, Jeezy was the next guest. He back pedaled on the Nas attack but still held firm on his contention that the Hip Hop is Dead campaign was an insult.
Oh to be a fly on the wall in Def Jam right about now

Which lead to my next points:

-Just because you are new doesn't mean your dope. Jeezy talked about the need to pass the torch at some point and I agree. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you get the torch.

-Just because you're from NY doesn't make you dope. There are a ton of NY rappers I cannot stand. Although I should I still can’t throw Juelz under the bus just yet.

-All veterans are not dope. Look at our CMJ event. King Sun needed to stay home as did a host of other over the hillers that were kept at bay. Be grateful we kept them off stage

-All southern rappers are not wack. I like T.I. and looking at sales shouldn’t he be the #1 contender?

-And Lord knows calling yourself ‘underground’ ain’t worth the press release the statement is printed on. Some things are underground because they need to be kept away from good God fearing people who pay their taxes

So everyone needs to stop hiding behind these walls and allows your skills and your music do the talking.


Listening to Slum Village and it occurred to me that critics like to claim SV was all about Jay Dee. Even though their only 2 hits (in a Long Tail sense of the word) were post Jay Dee. 'Tainted' and 'Selfish'. Interesting

And Lil’ Wayne asking ‘Who Is Pharell?’ is just as ridiculous as Nas claiming he hasn’t heard ‘Ballin’
Come on fellas


Blogger ian said...

Me personally, I was saying that Fantastic was pretty much all about Jay Dee. I think the group did a good job of growing beyond that and coming into their own on subsequent releases.

Capo's comments on BET were unbelievable.

December 14, 2006 4:35 PM


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