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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Osama is the boogie man

The Iraq situation has gone from bad to worse to almost hopeless.

The Democrats now are claiming they never liked the war even though they laid down like Miles at nap time when Bush and Rummy were pushing it through 5 years ago. Wussies.

The Republicans are in ‘no retreat, no surrender’ mode and refuse to admit the slightest mistakes. Dummies

Immediate pull out makes no sense, but the Dems are gonna ride that sentiment all the way to the polls and may be stupid enough to actually pull out prematurely [snicker]

‘Staying The Course’ will result in more deaths seemingly for 100 Years.

This is why I am an Independent. They are all stupid and only interested in their own power.


Had an interesting convo with Eb on the way back from the Vineyard.

As I move more to the middle of the road on the war I must admit that claiming Bush’s policy has not on some level thwarted another 9/11 level attack is to ignore the facts. We may not like it, but we must admit that his illegal and unconstitutional practices may be working. [anyone hear Santorum on Meet The Press?]

Even though our forces are spread thin across the world you better believe the countries sympathetic to America’s enemies do not want Rummy invading their country. Which he clearly will do, even when it makes no sense.

Now many, including my wife, believe you cannot claim a causal relationship between the Bush policy and no new 9/11’s and to a certain point I agree. But the question then becomes so what has stopped another 9/11? I believe there is no better, more feasible answer than the Bush policies. So Bush may win even if by default. So if Dems win the mid term elections and undo everything Bush has done just because I believe we will be in more danger.

He got us into this mess whether we like it or not. Pulling the plug is simply not an option. I hope our leaders will look at the issue rationally and make the best decision even if it means giving the Bush crew a little bit of credit.

And for the record, I still believe Bin Laden is not real. The reality is no one knows who was behind 9/11. That is why they locked everyone up in secret prisons, and tapped phones. They are after Muslim extremists, militiamen, Serbs, the Timothy McVeighs, and everyone else who hated our guts. In America we cannot swallow a multi pronged threat. There must be a singular person or entity we can blame and demonize. Hitler, Sadaam, Quadafi, Darth Vader (seriously), Slobodan. And now Osama. He represents the new threat. But it is never one person pulling the strings. Global conflicts are complex and involve a staggering number of players.

If Hitler was as bad as they claim, why did we take so long to join the fight? He was on rampage since the early to mid 1930’s.
We did business with Nazi Germany for years, but you never hear about that. All you hear about is how this cat was the Anti Christ.
Why was Sadaam on our payroll once? And Bin Laden.

My man Doug Nyce once schooled me on how there was no way an agrarian Russia was the big specter of USSR. That was the post WWII rule by fear technique we are experiencing right now.

These monsters we claim to be fighting used to be on our side. Explain that shit.

I don’t think Osama does not exist. It’s a big ‘Wag The Dog’ farce.

Haven’t done a political commentary in a minute…


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