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Friday, August 25, 2006

Art of Hip-Hop 2

Another great lesson from Master Tsu is 'Know Your Terrain.' You must know where you are doing battle. Is the ground wet, dry, hilly, flat, in a valley or on a hill.

This is true for almost any situation. Sports, business or in a personal relationship. In today's world of Hip-Hop business we must understand the ground we are fighting on.

P&D deals, 12 inches, street teams and other popular ideas from the 90's are dead. The traditional label is dead. The Times had a great quote this week remarking that the CD market is undoubtedly shrinking.

The place of battle has changed.

You can chase the major label deal still, but there are less slots available and competition is high. Majors will take less chances. A tough battle indeed.

Underground artists must be digital. Myspace, YouTube, and a presence on the digital retail landscape is key.

Mobile communication devices are a must. We must be accesible to all our global partners sometines 24 hours a day. Because of Blackberry's, Treos, and Sidekicks battles can take place anywhere at any time.

That battle can be a negotiation, a booking, or a sales pitch.

Spending $20k in retail co op ads for a marginally commercial succesful, cerebral artist is fighting the wrong enemy on disadvataged ground.

We must know where our customers and markets are and engage them there.


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