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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hip-Hop Familia

-Just a heads up. I have a Hip-Hop family. I watchedMiles Boogie last night while his mom went to Wingate Park to wait for LL to take his shirt off.

Netflix Winner: "Running Scared"
popped that in once the little big man signed off. Dope.
Paul Walker was not the most believable gangster, but it worked.
Classic example of how good movies get pushed down the Long Tail. I don't remember any significant marketing campaign for this flick. If it weren't for Netflix and its reccomendations I would have never peeped it.

Netflix Dud: "New World"
Don't waste your time.
This just in, Colin Farell is wack. And that movie has the effect of two Jack and Cokes and a perc. Except you get no buzz

News (reprinted courtesy of The Bodega)

-Google Inc. has reached a deal with the owner of MySpace to pay at least $900 million in shared advertising revenue and become the exclusive search provider for the popular online hangout. The deal means News Corp. will have paid off the bulk of what it spent last year to acquire MySpace. The alliance of Rupert and the Google boys have squashed any rumors of News Corp acquiring YouTube. More than likely News Corp will work with Google Video to exploit its deep catalog. The question now is who will be the next suitor for the uber popular You Tube

-Viacom is set to buy social networking site, Bebo. The acquisition would represent the latest attempt by Viacom to regain ground in the social networking and user-generated content realm. Viacom lost out in a bidding war last year for MySpace, now the world's leading social networking site, when News Corp. paid $580 million for the young company. As you can see from recent news items there is a tremendous interest from traditional media giants to link up with more grassroots sites. Apparently the big boys have realized their business model needs a re-tooling and the money being put on the table is staggering. Vaguely reminiscent of the gold rush of the late 90’s.

-Tonight halcyon, "The best f***ing record store in North America" is sponsoring a gallery reception for San Francisco artist Duser and his “Something Missing” show. The former graf artist has developed a cult following for his unique, socially conscious multi media exploration. For more info Duser check www.dusermania.com . Suds provided by our friends at The Brooklyn Brewery. In other halcyon news, the DUMBO record store long known for its eclectic Hip and Soul selection will be producing weekly Friday Hip-Hop Happy Hours at their store starting in September. The events will be executed with the help of your friends at Brooklyn Bodega as well as The Brooklyn brewery.


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