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Friday, August 04, 2006

  • So the US got their revenge on Puerto Rico. Word
  • I am late I just heard about what Mel Gibson said when he got bagged for DUI. I guess people were right when Passion Of The Christ. I didn’t think it was anymore anti-Semitic than the actual story, but evidently Mad Max has a problem with the yarmulke
  • The attacks on Clinton, his annoying demeanor, and his stance on the war have Joe Lieberman on the ropes. I never liked that dude. Always seemed like a phony. The Democratic Party is a mess. That’s why the kid is a registered Independent
  • I am all about the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Same writer and director of Anchorman. Nuff said
  • Wasn’t this story on the Bodega on Tuesday? What does label guy mean?
    All news stories must wait till allhiphop week is over. If you haven’t noticed


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