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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Even harder to post these days as I am writing the News section for the Bodega. So when I get real lazy I will re-post my news tidbits here with some more commentary.


-Fidel Castro has temporarily relinquished power to his brother Raul. The Cuban leader had surgery on his gastro-intestinal tract and is reportedly recovering. Reports from Havana have Cuban ex-pats dancing in the streets. Unconfirmed rumors say the leader of the Cuban Revolution has already passed away. For more info click here

Saying brother Fidel passed away already is kind of fucked. But so is getting kicked out of your country.
Raul looks like he may not have long left either.

-Common’s follow up to the much lauded ‘BE’ is tentatively scheduled for a 4th quarter release. This summer Common was adamant in talking to Bodega reporters that his new record would hit stores in 2006. No word on if Kanye West will return as executive producer although he will be providing several beats.

Way too soon, Lonnie, way too soon. Please stop with these rapid fire albums. Let them marinate. Go on tour. Have a baby. We'll be here when you are ready

-Common’s brother-in-arms Mos Def is also prepping a new opus. September 13th is the street date for Mos’s next album. His most recent solo album, ‘The New Danger’ received a mixed reaction from his fans, yet sold extremely well. Label sources say Mos will do no interviews, no press, release no singles, and shoot no videos for the new album

A marketers dream. Thanks Mos.
But that 'New Danger' joint moved some nice units

-A Tribe Called Quest is reuniting for a short run to support the NBA 2K7 video game. The NBA 2K7/Bounce Tour will hit Vegas, Atlantic, City, New York, D.C. and several other major markets. For more info visit MTV

Dope. We tried to pull this tour off last year. Hats off to Decon


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