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Monday, May 08, 2006

Listening to XM this morning and an old Snoop song came on. I think it was ‘The Shiznit’
Got me to thinking about the Snoop entourage….

-These guys don’t love ho’s, and most women
-Get their hair permed
-Have long manicured fingernails
-Wear furry hats
-Rock lime green suits and mink coats
-And paint their nails

I am not trying to stereotype or make any disparaging remarks, but does that sound like characteristics of your typical heterosexual?

I always thought it was funny how these effeminate men called pimps could simultaneously be heralded as the pillars of masculine promiscuity.
At the very least you have to call these guys the Metrosexuals of Hip-Hop



-Too bad for Kobe. Heard he disappeared in the 2nd half
-Lacrosse D1 tourney starts soon. You see my Cavs rocking the #1 seed!
-Word to the wise - Asst youth lacrosse coaches from down South better watch their mouth when they come to Brooklyn. I am a peaceful man, but don’t put my kids in jeopardy…
-Miles' 1st day in day care…pray for his momma


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