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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Been thinking about my man J Smooth's comment from last week. About how unprofessionalism is seemingly the 5th element of hip hop. I especially liked the Peter Pan comment.

Hip-Hop is a billion dollar industry. "Big business like Con Edison" to quote T.K. Greene. Hip Hop employs hundreds of thousands of folks both part and full time. Hip-Hop has produced scores of individual millionaires and saved mega brands from Hilfiger to Belvedere. Yet and still the practitioners, the creators treat it like a game. And even refer to it as a game. This industry feeds my family and fuels my dreams. This is no game. This is the realest shit I have ever seen.

So with all this power how does one justify the laissez-faire attitude?
I have to agree with Jay in saying that it is a Peter Pan syndrome. To the uninformed participant, Hip-Hop seems to allow a grown man to remain a perpetual child. All type of toys at your fingertips, no repercussions for your actions, the ability to throw temper tantrums, and spit in the face of authority. It’s got to stop or these amateurs are going to cannibalize Hip-Hop and leave the scraps for the vultures.

That is why I am excited about potentially working with the Abstract Academy. They are trying to catch kids in high school who want to be a part of the industry and learn ‘em a thing or two. Teach them how to run a meeting, email etiquette, resume and proposal writing etc. Kind of like an INROADS for Hip-Hop. I love the idea. Something I wanted to include in the Hip-Hop Institute (one of my pipe dreams). As with anything if we can catch the youth we can break the cycle of ignorance.

They will be at The Festival ...


-‘History of Violence’ sucks

-I like how Kobe handled the beef with Raja Bell. I am feeling him again

-Miles is about to have a cousin – my little sister in Atlanta is about to drop jewels

-Did UVa win the ACC tourney

-New Rhymefest mixtape is dope (a lot of the same songs as the last joint, though)

-I like Kelis’ new look – saw mad videos the other night


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